Freelance Artist, Teacher, Muralist, Graphic Designer


BFA (Visual Communication/Illustration) Maryland Institute College of Art

Working in and around the Baltimore/Washington DC area


Head of Visual Arts Department / Drawing Instructor

Baltimore School for the Arts

Adjunct Instructor - Maryland Institute College of Art

I am an illustrator by nature as well as profession. I enjoy the process and challenge of telling a story. The style of my work may vary but it is usually structured around familiar symbols that can easily be interpreted. I try to reinterpret them, reimagine them, and give them new context. I am influenced by the formality of Early Classical art as well as the drama and composition of Baroque and Expressionist art. My color work tends to be more stylized and decorative, borrowing from Art Nouveau and ancient textile patterns with a west African color palette, hopefully giving them a  playful yet elegant look.


My personal work is essentially devotional and reflects my belief in divinity, spirituality, duality of man, mortality and immortality. The themes of personal struggle, personal growth and personal responsibility are always present.

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