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High quality, archival, art prints from the

"BOY" "Awaken" "Exiles"

and "Modern Spirits" series are now available through 

More will be added soon!

Click HERE


Wearable Works

by Archie Veale


Introducing my new offering of Wearables. Select items have been reimagined as apparel. These are wonderfully printed, comfortable and stylish.


Check them out on SHOPIFY.COM  

or click HERE.

all-over-print-recycled-unisex-sweatshirt-white-front-650bc0fd30da0 (1).png

The BOY Collection


I am excited to RE-present some of my favorite pieces in Wearable! These are 2 items from my "BOY" Series. Each garment is designed by me personally and are in every way still works of art.


Please go over and see the entire set as well as the other select pieces,  and let me know what you think.

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